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There’s no need to gamble with your chimney cleaners anymore! With Chim Chimney Sweep at your service, you’ve got a first-rate business available to handle all of your chimney-related situations. If it has to do with your chimney, fireplace or woodstove, we do it. From debris removal to masonry repairs, our professionals can make sure that you’re enjoying a secure, comfortable home for those chilling winter months.

In addition to chimney cleaning services, we also do repairs and inspections.  We  troubleshoot potential chimney issues because we have the expertise.  We craft all types of chimneys and repair and restore all masonry problems, with a proper contractor’s license to cover all work.

When it comes to a cozy, relaxing environment, there simply isn’t a substitute for the warm glow of a classic fireplace. There is nothing more luxurious than the peaceful scenes afforded by a cackling fire, during those moments of quiet reflection.

We’d like to remind all fireplace owners that simple cleaners are no replacement for routine chimney maintenance. In order to guarantee the security and effectiveness of the true fireplace experience, it is highly recommended that you utilize the services of a competent cleaner. Here at Chim Chimney Sweep, we’d like to make sure that your goals are met, so that you’ll be roasting those marshmallows in no time at all.

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