For Long-Lasting Leak Protection, Have Your Cracked Chimney Crown Or Rusty Chase Cover Repaired Or Replaced By Chim Chimney Sweep

Here at Chim Chimney Sweep, we put a stop to leaks and prevent future leaks by providing professional chimney crown and chase cover repairs and replacements. Whether you have a masonry chimney or a prefabricated or factory-built system, keeping water out is crucial, and your crown or chase cover needs to be strong and free of damage if it’s going to do its job.

Once water makes its way into your chimney and home, the repairs get costlier and costlier — but we can help you keep water out for good, so you can spend your money on more enjoyable things.

two chimneys with damaged masonry, rusted chase covers, and weathered chimney caps

We Repair & Rebuild Cracking, Crumbling, Water-Damaged Crowns

Without the cement crown that sits at the top of a brick chimney, water, animals, and debris would have a large and welcoming entryway into the chimney. Given the damage that water can cause to the metal and masonry components of the chimney system and fireplace, as well as to surrounding walls, ceilings, and framing, it’s no wonder every chimney is built with a crown. But what happens when the crown is damaged?

Think about it: storm after storm, season after season, your chimney crown takes a beating. There’s the pounding rain of the spring and summer months and the piled up snow and layers of ice that settle on the crown during the winter months. It never gets a break!

Over time, the moisture and the changing temperatures can cause the crown to crack or wear, leaving openings for water to make its way in. Of course, unless you spend time up on your roof or you schedule annual chimney inspections, you won’t know when small cracks and crown deterioration starts — and with time, small cracks and minor damage can grow and worsen. That’s why annual inspections are such an important part of home maintenance — they can help you identify problems while they’re still minor and save you a lot of money on repairs.

The good news is, no matter how far gone your chimney crown is or how bad the damage is, Chim Chimney Sweep can help. We’re Certified Chimney Professionals and we’ve been repairing and rebuilding crowns in MetroWest for 35 years. We use quality products to repair and strengthen crowns, seal cracks, and provide water-resistant protection. Whether cracks are minor or you need to have your entire crown rebuilt, Chim Chimney Sweep is the dependable, local team for the job.

We Replace Rusty, Sagging Chase Covers

Prefab chimneys need protection too! If you have a prefabricated or factory-built chimney, your chimney is topped off with a chase cover — a metal covering that protects the chimney like a crown.

Like the crown on a masonry chimney, the chase cover takes on rain, snow, sleet, and ice, but unfortunately, many stock chase covers are made of low-quality metal and can’t take the weight or abuse of all that moisture.

If you see rust stains running down your chimney chase, on your roof, or down the sides of your home, there’s a good chance your chase cover has rusted through — but we can help.

We replace rusted out chase covers with stronger, rust-resistant chase covers. Our stainless steel chase covers are built with cross breaks and welded corners, so they’re:

  • less likely to sag under the weight of rain, snow, and sleet
  • less likely to encourage moisture to pool and settle on top
  • less likely to rust through

Is it time to replace your chase cover? Leave it to Chim Chimney Sweep. We’ll measure your prefab chimney and provide professional installation and a perfect, leak-proof fit.

Schedule Your Inspection Today With Framingham’s Trusted Chimney Service

Call Chim Chimney Sweep at 508-875-3874 or reach out to us right here on our website to schedule your inspection and crown repair/chase cover replacement today. Wherever you live in Middlesex or Worcester County, dependable, professional, courteous chimney care is only a phone call away.


Another frequent source of leaky chimneys is damaged or missing flashing, so if you need flashing repair to solve the problem, you can count on us.

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