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Living in New England means having to deal with the region’s climate and the toll it takes on your home. Those in the Framingham area experience extreme temperatures, humidity, and precipitation throughout the year, which can all wreak havoc on the exterior components of homes, particularly the chimneys. Water especially can work its way into the system, causing issues like loose bricks, deteriorating mortar, leaks, weakened structural integrity, and other problems that can worsen and become costlier down the line.

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What Can You Do If Your Chimney Is Damaged?

What can you do to protect and restore your chimney? It is essential that you reach out to a trusted chimney service provider for the best, longest-term results, as repairing your chimney is not something you yourself should tackle. Some homeowners may try to take DIY approaches, but most often with limited success and outcomes that require the attention of professionals shortly afterwards. When it comes to a job of this nature, proper tools and capable technicians must go hand in hand. Fortunately, in the Framingham area, you will undoubtedly find that with Chim Chimney.

We Offer A Number Of Exceptional Services

At Chim Chimney, we go to great lengths to ensure that any damage our clients’ chimneys have sustained over the years is taken care of promptly and efficiently. Oftentimes, repairing the mortar is all that is required. When exposed to water over time, the mortar can break or wear down. Repairing the mortar joints involves a process called tuckpointing, in which we will take out and replace the damaged mortar that holds the bricks or stones together, restoring it to its new and long-lasting glory.

We also have ample experience repairing and replacing crumbling or chipped brick, if that is the route we need to go with your home. And, if your chimney happens to need more extensive work, we can also rebuild a few areas or the entirety of the system, depending on the degree of damage it has sustained over the years.

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The professionals at Chim Chimney would be happy to assess your chimney and outline all of your options going forward, whether that be with tuckpointing treatment, a chimney rebuild, or the various other services we provide. Call 508-875-3874 today to take the first step towards ensuring your chimney receives proper, efficient care by trusted professionals serving Framingham, MA. Prefer to request an appointment online? Click here.


Even if you don’t know what a smoke chamber repair is, we do! And we’ll make sure this important chimney repair is done properly to prevent smoke and toxic gas from billowing back inside your home.

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