Tired of That Broken Or Leaky Damper? We Can Replace It With An Energy-Saving, Top-Sealing Damper!

Opening your damper before you light a fire in the fireplace should be easy — but an old rusted or broken damper can make this simple task challenging. Likewise, a broken or rusted damper can do a lousy job of keeping that cold winter air or hot summer air out of your home and keeping the conditioned and heated air inside.

If your damper is broken, rusted, or you’re just tired of the downdrafts and the wasted money spent heating and conditioning air that you’re just losing up your chimney, you may think the answer is to have a new throat damper installed. But the truth is, even a brand new throat damper can allow outside air in and inside air out — a top-sealing damper is a much better option.

top of chimney with a Lock Top Damper

Lock-Top Dampers

Lyemance Dampers Product Photo

Lyemance Dampers

Lock Top Dampers Product Photo

Lock-Top Dampers

Lyemance & Lock-Top Dampers — The Best The Industry Has To Offer

Here at Chim Chimney Sweep, we’re proud to offer our customers in MetroWest Lock-Top and Lyemance top-sealing or top-mounted dampers. By installing the damper at the top of the chimney, as opposed to down in the throat of the chimney, we can eliminate a lot of damper issues, like rust, heat damage, and creosote buildup — but there are other benefits to installing a top-sealing damper. Here’s a bit about each of the top-mounted dampers we sell and install and why they’re so much better than traditional throat dampers:

Both Lyemance and Lock-Top dampers are attached to the flue itself where it extends past the chimney crown. Unlike throat dampers, these dampers have a silicone rubber gasket seal, which means, when closed, they provide a complete seal and completely eliminate downdrafts, heated/air conditioned air loss, and chimney leaks. They also keep animals, birds, and debris out — and since they’re both low profile, you can put those worries about looks to rest.

Lock Top Dampers - Energy Saving Fireplace Damper - Superior Construction - Energy Efficient - Pest Exclusion - Lifetime Warranty

Worried about how you’re going to easily open and close something that’s all the way at the top of the chimney? Don’t be! Both are easily opened and closed with a drop-down cable and handle.

Ok, so they’re both low profile, energy-saving, easy to use, and covered by a lifetime warranty. What’s the biggest difference between Lyemance and Lock-Top dampers?

It really comes down to looks.

  • Lyemance — The Lyemance energy-saving damper is black and very low profile. When opened, the door of the damper simply pops open, allowing smoke and byproducts to safely and effectively exit the chimney. When closed, the silicone rubber gasket provides an airtight and watertight seal.
  • Lock-Top — Lock-Top dampers have a black silicone rubber gasket that attaches to the flue and provides an airtight and watertight seal. When open, the cast aluminum and stainless steel damper top pops up to allow the exit of smoke and byproducts. In the open position, Lock-Top dampers look a little bit like chimney caps, but they’re still relatively low profile.
Lyemance Dampers - Energy Saving Dampers - Setting the Standard for Quality & Durability - Permanent Cast-Aluminum Construction - Sits Atop Chimney - Control Handle Mounts in the Fireplace - Silicone Seal Prevents Energy Loss - Low Profile to Retain the Authentic Look of the Chimney

Both options, Lock-Top and Lyemance, are great for you if you want to:

  • replace a leaky, rusty throat damper
  • keep moisture out of your chimney so you don’t have to spend money on repairs or an expensive rebuild
  • prevent the loss of conditioned or heated air
  • keep animals and birds out of your chimney
  • prevent downdrafts and odors

Ready To Start Saving Money? Invest In A Top-Mounted Damper

Energy prices are high and there’s no reason you should throw your hard-earned money away by heating and conditioning air that you’re only going to lose through the chimney. Invest in a top-sealing damper today and start saving your money for other things. Call 508-875-3874 or click here to request an appointment with one of our Certified Chimney Professionals today.


If your chimney needs relining, you can call our chimney repair experts to take care of you and your chimney.

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