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Do you live in or near Ashland, Framingham, Hopkinton, Southborough, Holliston, Sherborn, Natick, Millis, or Medway? Hire us to repair, restore, and maintain your fireplace and chimney systems. We’re happy to help you out!

Ashland, Massachusetts, is a town located in Middlesex County, and it’s about 20 miles west of Boston. What does that mean? That you get everything you’d want from a small-town residential community with all those big city amenities just a short drive away. Here’s some ways we suggest spending your day if you’re in the area:

  • Visiting Ashland State Park: Enjoy your time outdoors and enjoy Ashland State Park‘s many hiking trails and picnic areas, as well as a beautiful lake for boating and fishing.
  • Explore Ashland Farmers Market: If you’re in town during the warmer months, check out the Ashland Farmers Market for fresh produce, local crafts, and a vibrant community atmosphere.
  • Grab Drinks at Stone’s Public House: This historic pub, located in the center of Ashland, offers a cozy atmosphere and a menu featuring classic pub fare.
  • Check Out Community Events: Ashland hosts various community events throughout the year, including parades, festivals, and seasonal celebrations.
  • Visit Some Playgrounds & Parks: Families and kiddos have lots of great options for playgrounds and parks, such as the Mill Pond Park, which provides recreational spaces for children.
  • Browse Ashland Public Library: The town’s public library is a great place for reading, studying, and participating in community events and programs.

Our Chimney & Fireplace Service List

Dealing with a faulty fireplace or a chimney leak can be quite bothersome, but our team is dedicated to assisting you in addressing these issues. We are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way and ensuring that we find a solution, no matter the size of the problem. Count on us to deliver a resolution that meets your needs!

How Do I Maintain My Fireplace Between Professional Inspections?

So, sure, it’s nice to know you have a reliable team like ours nearby to help with all of your chimney and fireplace needs. By you want to avoid problems, if you can, right? Maintaining your fireplace between professional inspections is essential to ensure its safety and efficiency. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Clean out ashes. Have a wood-burning system? Remove ashes regularly to prevent them from accumulating in the firebox. Use a fireplace shovel and metal ash bucket to stay as safe as possible.
  • Regularly check for obstructions. Inspect the chimney and flue for any visible obstructions, such as bird nests or debris. Ensure the damper opens and closes smoothly.
  • Maintain appropriate clearances. Maintain a clear area around the fireplace. Avoid placing flammable materials near the hearth, and ensure furniture, curtains, and other items are a safe distance away.
  • Use only seasoned firewood: Burn only well-seasoned wood to minimize creosote buildup. Avoid burning green or softwoods, as they produce more creosote. And no trash, plastic, or paper products should go in, either!
  • Watch for leaks or water damage. Keep an eye out for signs of water leaks, such as stains on the ceiling or walls near the fireplace. Other indicators of water damage are dripping water in the firebox or crumbling/cracked masonry. Call us in at the first sign of trouble.
  • Inspect your system. Keep a watch for damage on the interior and exterior of the chimney. Look for any cracks, spalling bricks, or damaged mortar – and address any visible damage promptly.
  • Be vigilant. Pay attention to any unusual odors, signs of inefficiency, or smoke issues. If you notice persistent problems, consult with a professional for an inspection.
  • Schedule annual inspections. While this falls under professional services, scheduling annual inspections is a key part of maintaining your fireplace. A certified chimney sweep can identify and address potential issues before they become major problems.

Get the Care You Deserve With Us

Embark on a journey toward enhanced chimney and fireplace care by reaching out to us today. With 35 years of industry experience, our work has spanned fireplaces in Franklin, Westborough, Sudbury, Hopedale, Upton, Milford, Wellesley, and more, and we would love to help you out too! Whether you have inquiries about your fireplace’s condition or require an inspection, cleaning, or repair for your chimney, we’re here to assist. Simply dial 508-875-3874 or request an appointment online.

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