Framingham Residents Call Chim Chimney When Their Chimneys Leak & Their Flashing Needs Repair

Home ownership is one of the most exciting and rewarding investments you can make. Yet, like any source of pride in your life, your home will require your time and effort to maintain its value and beauty. If you’ve gone to great lengths to keep your property in excellent condition, you’ll find it all the more frustrating if you find out your chimney is leaking. While you may think you can tackle a leak and leak prevention on your own, this type of problem should be left to a trusted chimney expert serving Framingham, MA. It’s a no-brainer – that company is Chim Chimney!

Your Chimney Flashing May Be The Source Of Your Leak & We Can Repair It Fast!

Chim Chimney addresses all manners of chimney damage and has complete confidence we will source your problem and fix it promptly. We will begin by first conducting a thorough assessment of the system to locate where exactly the leak originates. More often than not, we start by inspecting the flashing, as it is one of the most common places on a chimney where water enters. After all, it is the sheet metal installed where the chimney and roof intersect, making it a prime spot where gaps, openings, and weather wear occur.

Our Flashing Repair & Replacement Services

Why might your chimney flashing be leaking? In our experience, we have seen flashing-related chimney leaks most often resulting from shoddy installations. Other causes include damage wreaked by severe storms and heavy rains, troublesome critters, and settling houses. No matter what the cause may be in regards to your home, we’re sure we have addressed something similar in the past, and we won’t have any problems providing an effective, long-term solution.

technician repairing chimney flashing while sitting on roof

No flashing repair project is too big or small, and we specialize in not only repairing flashing, but replacing it as well. So whether a piece has worn or lifted or all of your flashing needs to be replaced, we can help.

At Chim Chimney, we stress that a flashing installation is a custom job. We will install flashing that has been specifically sized and designed to meet the needs of your chimney and home, thus eliminating the possibility of openings or gaps often associated with improperly fitted flashing.

The Pros At Chim Chimney Would Be Happy To Help You

If you’re exasperated by a leak in your home, the stress ends when you contact Chim Chimney. Call 508-875-3874 today or reach out to us here on our website to learn more about how we help stop and prevent leaks in Framingham, MA. You can also request an appointment online – click here!


Installing or replacing a chimney cap provides protection against leaky chimneys and unwanted debris or critters, so give us a call to check out what you need.

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