Keep 99.9% Of Water Out Of Your Chimney & Protect Your Masonry With ChimneySaver Waterproofing Products

A big challenge that chimney owners face is dealing with water damage. Since the average chimney is above the roof line, it is exposed to rain, wind, extreme sun, and snow, which causes damage and deterioration.

While brick and mortar are the ideal materials to use for your chimney, they are naturally porous, which means that masonry can (and will) absorb small amounts of water. Normal, healthy masonry can absorb undetectable amounts but damaged masonry will absorb larger amounts.

The water that’s absorbed will freeze and thaw with temperature shifts, expanding and thawing, and damaging the masonry from the inside out. This will start a cycle of allowing more water into the masonry, causing cracking and significant spalling (when the facing pops off of the brick) to the masonry in a single winter season.

The best way to deal with this issue is to take preventive measures by waterproofing the chimney. Waterproofing is the easiest and most effective way you can extend the life of your chimney as well as avoid costly repairs. Waterproofing can also help stop further water damage from happening.

Not All Chimney Waterproofing Products Are Created Equal

The most important thing to remember when waterproofing your chimney is to use 100% vapor-permeable products so that when you use it, the water vapor produced by the fire can escape through the brick as usual.

Many waterproofing products you find in hardware stores and home stores actually prevent new water from entering, but they also trap water inside the brick, making damage likely. But here at Chim Chimney Sweep, we use high-quality chimney waterproofing sealants that are specifically designed to provide your chimney with the protection it needs without trapping vapor inside.

These sealants, from ChimneySaver, are completely breathable, but have been found to reduce water penetration by 99.9%. And ChimneySaver won’t leave a sheen or tint on your masonry, so you don’t have to worry about it altering the beautiful look you love.

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