Keep Your Worcester Chimney Odor-Free & Damage-Free With A Professional Chimney Cleaning

Keeping your chimney clean is one of the best things you can do to prevent the need for costly repairs and ensure that your chimney stays in great condition. You see, with each and every fire you enjoy in your fireplace, smoke, soot, creosote, and acidic byproducts are created. As the chimney cools, these byproducts can settle on the damper, smoke chamber walls, and flue walls, and if they aren’t removed promptly, they can cause all kinds of damage.

Creosote, which is a highly flammable and highly corrosive byproduct, can actually build up, layer by layer, and become impossible to remove with normal sweeping tools and techniques. Not only can it damage the flue and smoke chamber, but it can restrict airflow, and even cause a chimney fire. And if it’s not removed before the hot and humid summer months, creosote can really stink up your home!

But it’s not just what’s made by the fire that can be a problem — birds and small animals can also get in through an open chimney flue, bringing in nesting materials and other flammable debris, and causing blockages, odors, and other problems. Baby animals can even fall down into your chimney or get stuck inside and die. That’s just one reason to invest in a high-quality chimney cap!

Chimneys get dirty — it’s a fact of life! But if you make chimney cleanings a priority and keep up with them each and every year, you shouldn’t have to worry about damage or chimney fires caused by buildup, or blockages and odor issues caused by nesting birds and animals — we’ll make sure your chimney is clean and clear.

What Is Done During A Chimney Cleaning?

During a chimney cleaning, the Certified Chimney Professionals here at Chim Chimney Sweep use specialized brushes and tools to sweep and clean the chimney system, from bottom to top. We’ll remove soot, creosote, and deposits from the firebox, damper, smoke chamber, and flue, and capture it all using our powerful HEPA vacuum system. We’ll also lay down drop cloths on your furniture and floor to protect the area and keep everything clean throughout — so you won’t have to worry about a mess.

Chimney Care Is As Easy As Calling Chim Chimney Sweep

Chimney maintenance can be easy with Chim Chimney Sweep — call 508-875-3874 or reach out to us here through our website to schedule your chimney inspection and cleaning today. We’ve been a trusted name in chimney care here in MetroWest for over 35 years, and our Certified Chimney Professionals will take great care of you and your home — guaranteed.


An annual chimney inspection will let you know what other chimney and fireplace services you might need to keep your system working at its best.

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