With the busy fall season still a couple of months away, many homeowners are opting to schedule their chimney maintenance now in hopes of beating the rush. Now, if you always invest in an annual inspection and ifchimney inspection you haven’t made any big changes to your fireplace or chimney in recent years, then a basic, level 1 inspection should be all you need.

That being said, there are instances where a more thorough level 2 inspection is recommended. During these, sweeps will use video equipment to get an in-depth look at your structure’s interior. Consider the following questions, then talk with our team if you feel that this is necessary. Our certified crew is here to help you every step of the way!

Did You Switch Fuel Types?

Wood-burning units offer an unbeatable ambiance, but gas-fueled appliances are warm, easy-to-use, and lower maintenance. Deciding which fuel type is right for you and making the switch can have a big impact on the aesthetics in your home. We encourage all of our customers to do what’s right for them – just be sure to invest in a level 2 inspection at the end of it all!

This gives us the opportunity to ensure everything is set up correctly and that it was an overall successful transition. Even a small mishap could lead to significant damage, fires, or gas leaks, so why take any chances? Get that level 2 inspection on the books today.

Did You Make Any Other Major Changes?

Really, any major change will warrant a level 2 inspection. Think relinings, new appliance installations, the addition of an insert, or anything else along these lines. Not sure where you stand? Just ask! Our team is always happy to offer guidance. 

Have You Been Through A Natural Disaster Or Chimney Fire?

Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and any other type of major storm or natural disaster will likely cause damage to your chimney. Many times debris will collide with the structure, causing it to crack, crumble, or break apart, while other times water damage will affect various parts, such as the liner, flashing, crown, and more.

House or chimney fires are also extremely damaging to your masonry structure, and your system will be unsafe to use if an event of this nature has occurred. Invest in professional help right away, and avoid using your system at all costs until repairs can be made.

Are You Buying Or Selling A Home?

The transfer of property always requires a level 2 inspection. This gives all parties involved a clear outlook on the condition of the fireplace and chimney, and it ensures the house was priced fairly, as well. A home inspector will do a quick overview, but won’t provide the in-depth analysis you need. Work with a qualified sweep for the most accurate results possible.

Need to make your appointment? Our experts are just a quick phone call away. Reach out to us today!