Is something simply not right with the state of your chimney? Whether you’ve been having trouble lighting fires, been experiencing smokebeautiful masonry chimney back-up, have seen some signs of decay or deterioration, or something else, you’re likely hoping to get the problem taken care of right away, especially with cold weather upon us. Fortunately, if you live in Middlesex County, Worcester County, or anywhere else in the MetroWest, the Certified Chimney Professionals at Chim Chimney Sweep are here to help!

Now, being aware of the types of damages you might be facing and what to look out for in terms of a broken down chimney is a must if you’re hoping to keep your system safer and more functional during the winter season. Learn more about some of the more common types of chimney damage below, and if you are still having questions, reach out to our team. We’re happy to be there for you and your family throughout every step of the process.

Leaks & Water Damage

A lot of times, the damages within your chimney’s structure result from too much moisture throughout the masonry. Your brickwork is quite absorbent, and if you haven’t had your structure properly waterproofed by a team of professionals, then there’s a good chance water is trapped inside the masonry, causing it to break down, crumble, and decay.

Another type of water damage comes in the form of rust. You have many metal components that could face problems with rust if not installed properly or if damaged in any way. If any of these are not able to do their job effectively, your water-related issues will only worsen, and you’ll find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle until a trained technician sets you up right.

Excess water in your chimney can also trigger clogging, rot, mold accumulation, liner deterioration, and a whole lot more, so you can bet it’s an issue you’ll want to do everything to prevent! Investing in repair services as soon as possible and talking with us about preventative care and maintenance is a must if you’re hoping to avoid costly home repairs and potentially life-threatening scenarios, such as house fires or carbon monoxide leaks.

So, how can we help? First and foremost, our team will need to tackle any damages before they get worse, as well as replace any broken or missing parts, such as the chimney cap, flashing, chase cover, and more. We can also talk to you about waterproofing services! Our vapor-permeable products are much more effective at keeping out water than store-bought paints or sealers, and they won’t trap moisture in, either.

All in all, once we’re through, you’ll have the top-notch protection you deserve, allowing you to light fires with ease and peace of mind for years to come. Reach out now, so we can get this process started.

A Damaged Chimney Liner

Your chimney liner plays a vital role in protecting both your home and your chimney. It guards your masonry against the intense heat of your fireplace fires, it keeps any flames from reaching adjacent woodwork, and it encourages smoke and other fumes to easily escape up and out of the chimney, so that you’re not left with any dangerous gases or smoke funneling back into your living space.

If your liner is incorrectly installed, broken down, or missing altogether, our team has the tools and training to get you where you need to be. Investing in a stainless steel liner from our crew is the best way to ensure your home and family stay as safe as possible, and your chimney and fireplace will thank you, too. Don’t wait! Schedule an appointment with our crew ASAP.

Need A New Damper?

If you have a throat damper in your chimney, then it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that you have problems with it from time to time. While throat dampers did an effective-enough job in the past, a new model of damper is now taking over, and the results it provides are simply unparalleled.

These new dampers are known as lock-top dampers, and they are much more effective when it comes to blocking out outside air. They seal at the top of the flue with a rubber gasket, so you can say good-bye to that leaky metal-on-metal seal of the past and move onto bigger and better things. It can also work alongside your chimney cap to keep out rain, snow, animals, and excess debris. All in all, they are highly recommended, and we urge all of our customers to make the switch today!

Anything Else?

The few services we’ve mentioned only just start to cover all we can offer you. We also perform tuckpointing, brick replacement, and smoke chamber repair, and our inspection and sweeping services are extensive, as well. When it comes right down to it, you need a team of sweeps that always puts your needs first and doesn’t settle for less when it comes to keeping you completely satisfied.

We would love to speak with you soon about your chimney needs, and our techs are ready to answer any and all of your questions along the way. Why wait? Pick up the phone today.