Are you noticing bad odors from your chimney? What about poor airflow? Maybe some smoke back-up, too? All of these things can result from excess debris and creosote in your system, which is why having these materials regularly cleaned out from time to time is beneficial for both the health of your system and the safety of your loved ones.

If your fireplace is overdue for some maintenance, count on the team at Chim Chimney Sweep to assist. Our professional and reputable team is ready and able to help you out soon!

Dangers Of CreosoteChimney sweep

A major reason why cleanings are so essential is due to creosote build up. As fires burn in your fireplace, creosote forms in you chimney, and it can cause a lot of issues if too much accumulates. Creosote varies in texture, from being flaky and crumbly to tar-like and pasty to hard and glossy. No matter the form, it poses a threat to your structure. It’s vital to have it regularly removed.

The main threat creosote poses is increasing your chances of experiencing a chimney fire. It’s quite flammable, and the more you have of it the higher your chances are of this occurring. Chimney fires break down your brickwork and mortar, causing cracks and crumbling to occur. Your structure will weaken significantly and you’ll be more prone to house fires and gas leaks, too. All in all, it’s a very dangerous situation!

Fortunately, there are ways to lower the amount of creosote that forms. Ensuring air flow isn’t restricted, burning only seasoned wood, and being careful not to overload the firebox will all help keep creosote levels down. These factors also keep your fires burning hotter and stronger, and they’ll keep smoke output down, as well. In the end, you’ll be doing your chimney a favor and your fires will be a lot more enjoyable, too. Well worth it!

We Can Remove Excess Debris

Whether the wind blows in twigs and leaves, or birds and other critters bring in nesting materials, it’s not uncommon for clogs to form inside of your flue. These things can create fire hazards and they interfere with proper functioning. Ensure your system runs efficiently and provides your loved ones with the comfort they deserve by calling in our experts right away.

We’ll use specialized tools and equipment to ensure every piece of your chimney and fireplace is addressed. These, combined with our training and expertise, allow you the peace of mind you’re looking for when seeking help with your chimney and fireplace. We take pride in serving this area, and we guarantee to bring you the best possible care, so that you enter each and every burning season with peace and confidence.

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It’s getting cooler outside, and soon enough the holidays will be here. Are you ready? Make every festive gathering a great one with a crackling fire! This is our busiest season, so there’s no time to lose. Get on the phone with the pros at Chim Chimney Sweep right away!