Many look at their strong, sturdy masonry chimneys and assume there isn’t much that can break it down or cause damage. Yet, while theseChimney Caps5 structures are built to withstand a lot, there are still many things out there that can cause it to deteriorate and crumble prematurely. What can be done to prevent damage and expensive repair work? Well, one important step is to have a chimney cap installed and, fortunately for folks throughout Middlesex County, the team at Chim Chimney Sweep has everything necessary for getting the job done right.

Now, you may look at a chimney cap and wonder how such an affordable and seemingly unimpressive piece of equipment can really make that much of a difference for the health of your chimney. Yet, the truth remains that these devices prevent all kinds of hazardous and threatening scenarios! Learn more below.

Preventing Water Damage

A major reason why chimney caps are an essential piece of chimney anatomy is due to their ability to keep out rain, snow, sleet, and other types of water and moisture. Water is one of the most damaging things your masonry can come across, so preventing exposure at all costs is vital for keeping your system in tip-top shape.

Should water gain easy access to your flue, you will quickly notice more rotting, rusting, and deterioration throughout the entire chimney. You will also be more likely to experience clogs, and your metal components will rust. On top of all that, water stains will show up throughout your walls and ceilings, and your entire system will function less efficiently as a result.

All of these malfunctions contribute to improper airflow, and they also increase the chance of smoke, flames, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases entering your home. Needless to say, adding a protective barrier is a well worthwhile step, and it could save you thousands in home repairs and medical bills.

The chimney cap covers your entire flue opening, ensuring water is effectively sent away from your chimney’s interior. Without one in place, rain and snow will easily enter your system through the flue, causing significant damage along the way.

Keeping Animals Out

Another big role the chimney cap plays is keeping wildlife out of your chimney. As you can imagine, your strong brick structure offers a safe and warm place to rest and build nests for these woodland critters, and they will readily take advantage of this space if given an easy way in.

It’s dangerous for both your household and these animals should they set up camp in your flue. Their flammable nesting materials will clog your chimney, sending fumes back into your living space, and they increase your likelihood of experiencing a chimney fire, too. Not to mention, some species, like the chimney swift, are protected by law, so once they’ve settled in, you are not allowed to remove them – doing so could result in some hefty fines!

All in all, it is better for both you and the creatures if they stay out of your chimney. A chimney cap will give them no chance of entering, so you can rest easier lighting fires in your home.

Blocking Debris

Animals aren’t the only thing prone to enter an uncapped chimney. Debris, twigs, dirt, leaves, and all types of other materials can work their way in, as well, especially on those extra windy days. Stop all of it dead in its tracks by working with our team to get your new can in place right away. The sooner we act, the better off you will be!

Stopping Downdrafts

Now if you’ve had your fireplace for quite some time, then you know how important it is to prevent harmful downdrafts. Poor airflow can result in dangerous gases and chemicals entering your home throughout the colder winter months, and it can send unpleasant odors swooping through your living space during the summer. All in all, downdrafts are something to avoid at all costs, as a wide-open flue leaves you more vulnerable than ever.

A sturdy cap will block harmful winds and keep airflow in check, so you can light fires with ease, no matter the weather outside. Trust us – when winds are blowing hard, this is one step you’ll be happy you made!

Serving As Spark Arrestors

Finally, chimney caps have been known to stop any stray sparks or embers from escaping your flue and landing on your roofing materials or on any leaves, twigs, or flammable items that may be hanging out up there. A tiny spark can turn into a big flame in no time, so every added precaution is worth taking!

Ready To Get Your Cap Installed Right Away?

We have chimney caps in both copper and stainless steel, all of which are designed to offer you the reliable protection you deserve. Our Certified Chimney Professionals will install your cap with the care and professional quality you are hoping for, and we never fail to get the job done right for our loyal customer base.

Eager to get your appointment on the books? Reach out to our team today. We’ll be here for you every step of the way!