As a fireplace owner, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to regular maintenance and repairs, and we understand it can be a lot to remember. Well, that’s why the team here at Chim Chimney Sweep strives to take care of it all! We want to offer you the luxury of sitting back and using your fireplace and chimney with ease, while leaving all of the upkeep to us.

It’s not uncommon to need repair and restoration work from time to time, so be aware of the following potential threats to your system. If you feel you need some professional care, our crew will be ready to help you out in a jiffy.

The Freeze/Thaw Processrood of a home

Now, one issue we often come across is water damage. From crumbling mortar to missing brickwork to rusted flashing and more, water damage can take its toll on your chimney in a hurry, increasing your chances of experiencing a settlement or collapse. We are trained to spot water damage early on, so that we can address it before things get too bad.

One thing to be especially aware of is the freeze/thaw process. This occurs when water gets absorbed into your brickwork, then freezes and expands when temperatures drop. Now, this obviously puts a lot of extra pressure on your masonry and, when the water freezes and melts multiple times per year, you are really looking at some trouble.

Waterproofing can work wonders when it comes to keeping your brickwork better protected, but for many homeowners, it is already too late. In these cases some repair work will be needed, and we believe that we are the team to trust with any and all of your restoration needs.

Other Types Of Damage

It’s true that water can take its toll in a hurry, but there are actually a number of things that can destroy your chimney’s structural integrity. High winds can blow large debris that can hit and crack the brickwork, or a chimney fire could occur and destroy your chimney liner. No matter the issue at hand, we are certain we can be of assistance [].

Why Choose Us?

So, why are we the team to trust with it all? Well, for one thing, we take education and training seriously which is why we have become Certified Chimney Professionals. We are also members of the Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild. Along with this, we only invest the best brands when it comes to the products we use, and we always strive for ultimate customer satisfaction above everything else.

The bottom line is, when you hire us for the job, you will get treated with the care and respect you deserve, and you can count on our crew to get you an honest, knowledgeable, and in-depth evaluation regarding the needs of your chimney and fireplace.

If your system is breaking down, then you cannot waste any more time. Book an appointment with us today. We’re eager to get started!