If you own a throat damper, you have likely faced countless frustrating scenarios over the years. These devices are known to leak, rust, get stuck, and break down, which is why many homeowners are looking for a solution that providesLock Top Dampers better results and won’t force them to continuously invest in repair work and maintenance.

Fortunately, the team here at Chim Chimney Sweep has a couple of different products that you could invest in! Discover more information about these options below, then give us a call to set up an appointment. We would be happy to get a new damper installed for you, so you can get the most from your fireplace this holiday season.

Lock-Top Dampers

Lock-top dampers are placed at the top of your chimney, and they work alongside your chimney cap to keep out water, excess debris, and cold downdrafts. They can be opened easily with a handle located inside of your home, and they are very low profile, so you won’t have to worry about them affecting the aesthetic of your masonry structure.

Best of all, they seal with a rubber gasket, so you won’t be forced to deal with the low-quality metal-on-metal seal that a throat damper is known for. No cool winds leaking through, no hot air from your home escaping, and no potential for rust building up and sealing the damper shut. This is a smart investment that you will be glad you made!

Lyemance Dampers

Lyemance dampers are very similar to lock-top dampers. The biggest difference comes down to their looks. Rather that raising all the way up like a lock-top damper, they simply pop open to let out smoke, fumes, and any harmful gases. No water, animals, downdrafts, or debris will be getting through these units, so you can rest easy for the long haul!

Start Saving Money Today

When it comes right down to it, throat dampers simply do not offer the protection your home deserves, and they don’t offer a great seal, either, so you’re likely paying more than necessary in your home’s energy bills. Make the switch today, so you aren’t left throwing away any more money on repairs and monthly payments. Our team is happy to help you out soon!

Why Trust In Our Crew?

So, why is Chim Chimney Sweep the team to rely on in Middlesex County? Well, we are Certified Chimney Professionals who take great pride in staying educated and well-informed on any advancements or new technologies in our industry. We have the experience, the know-how, and the training to set you up right, and our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.

To top it off, we have an A+ rating with the BBB, and we hold our Massachusetts Contractor’s License, as well. You won’t find a team like ours anywhere else! Call today to set up an appointment.