Having problems with your masonry, chimney crown, damper, or something else? Chimney damages make your fireplace unsafe for use, soFlashing Repair finding a reliable team to help you out with any repair work is a big must, especially with the holidays quickly approaching. Get the care you deserve from our qualified and experienced team. We’d love to help you out.

Relining Your Chimney

Your chimney liner is responsible for a lot. It protects your woodwork from excessive heat, keeps your home catching on fire, protects your masonry from acidic and corrosive gases, ensures your system transfers air and fumes efficiently, and more. Because of this, it needs to be in tip-top shape, or you could find yourself with an increased risk of experiencing gas leaks and house fires every time you use your fireplace.

Our relining services ensure you get the high-quality results you are hoping for. Gain peace of mind for years to come by working with us today [https://www.chimneycleaner.net/chimney-fireplace-services/chimney-repairs/chimney-relining/].

Masonry Repairs/Rebuilds

Cracked and crumbling masonry is both unsightly and harmful to your overall structure. From tuckpointing to brick replacement to rebuilding work and more, we can do it all to ensure your masonry looks great and stands strong for the long haul.

Leaky Chimney Repair

Are leaks and water damage taking a toll on your brickwork, mortar, and more? Sounds like you need some masonry repairs, along with some preventative maintenance. We can repair your crown, chase cover, and flashing, and if you need a new chimney cap installed, we can handle that, too. All of these things are essential when it comes to blocking out harmful moisture!

Finally, we’ll waterproof your masonry to that you stay protected through every season. Rain, snow, and sleet won’t stand a chance.

Damper Replacement

We sell top-sealing dampers, so say good-bye to your broken-down, rusted up throat damper for good. Throat dampers have served homeowners well over the years, but the time to switch to a more effective, tighter-sealing model is now. Ask us about our top-sealing dampers today. We would love to set you up right.

Smoke Chamber Repairs

A smoke chamber that is in good condition will ensure smoke and other fumes safely escape up and out of the chimney, rather than into your home. We can ensure yours is smooth and free from damage with our parging services. Get the performance you deserve from your chimney by counting on us today.

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