If there’s one piece of chimney anatomy that tends to get underestimated, it’s the chimney cap. That small covering over your flue can’t offer that much extra protection, right? Wrong! Chimney caps are actually extremelyHomesave and gelco chimney caps effective at keeping your system safer for use, and they minimize damages to your chimney, as well.

Check out the following reasons why investing in this affordable piece of equipment is a must for any chimney owner. Then, count on our team to get yours installed right away. The crew here at Chim Chimney Sweep is always eager to help!

They Protect You From Rain

If it’s raining outside and your chimney is left open and exposed to the elements, you will be looking at a lot of water damage down the line. Water exposure causes your chimney liner to break down and deteriorate, which then leaves your brickwork and mortar vulnerable to the acidic gases that exit through your chimney.

In the end, you’ll be face-to-face with all types of cracks, holes, and gaps, all of which give more pathways for flames and poisonous gases to escape into your home. Chimney caps offer an easy and effective way to keep water out for the long haul, and our stainless steel, galvanized steel, and copper options won’t be letting you down any time soon.

They Keep Out Animals

Animal entry can trigger a lot of problems for homeowners with a chimney. Not only do these critters stink up the place, but their nesting materials can clog up your flue, which affects draft and airflow. Not to mention, some species of birds, like the chimney swift, are protected by law and cannot be removed. You’ll have to wait until the migrate again in the cooler months before putting your chimney to use!

All of these problems can be solved, though, with the simple addition of a chimney cap. If you ask us, it’s well worth it.

They Block Debris

Windy days can cause your chimney to fill up fast with leaves, twigs, dirt, and all kinds of other debris. Unfortunately, this leads to obstructions which cause your chimney to become dangerous to use. Chimney caps are known for stopping these things in their tracks, keeping your system cleaner all year round.

They Serve As Spark Arrestors

Hot sparks and embers are known to escape up and out of your chimney from time to time, which can increase your risk of a house fire, should your flammable roofing materials ignite. A metal chimney cap will put these out well before they reach your roof, so you can stress less!

They Stop Downdrafts

Are downdrafts swooping through your chimney, affecting your home’s comfort levels and bringing in some stinky smells? Chimney caps can help prevent this. Say good-bye to downdrafts and hello to the added protection you deserve.

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