Chimney relining is a service that many need from time to time, and our certified professionals are trained and equipped to handle it. If you’re worried about the state of your chimney, let our team at Chim Chimney Sweep take a look. We’ll do a thorough and in-depth inspection, and we can let you know if your fireplace is safe for use or not. With burning season upon us, there is no time to waste!

Dangers Of An Unlined Chimney

a modern masonry chimney with masonry looking capIf your chimney is not lined or your current liner is misplaced or broken, then you need to have a professional come in to make the necessary adjustments soon. There is a lot your chimney liner does to protect your home and your chimney. Without one in place, you’ll wind up facing a lot of risks.

One of the risks is the increased likelihood of experiencing a house fire. The heat from your fireplace flames can transfer to other parts of your home fairly quickly when a liner isn’t in place. You’ll also notice that your mortar will break down more rapidly, which also leave holes and openings where flames can escape. These gaps also mean that carbon monoxide could potentially creep into your home, triggering various types of illnesses and putting the lives of your loved ones in danger. Since it is colorless and odorless, it is nearly impossible to detect, meaning every extra precaution need to be taken.

All in all, an unlined chimney is a bad idea and shortens the overall lifespan of your system. If you want your fireplace to truly stand the test of time, guarantee decades of enjoyment, you must have our team reline your chimney today.

Consider A Stainless Steel Liner

At Chim Chimney Sweep, the chimney liner that we trust above all is HomeSaver stainless steel. They can easily be custom-fitted to the unique size and shape of your chimney, and they are the best option on the market. There is no doubt in the strength and long-lasting durability of stainless steel, which is why these come with a lifetime warranty, giving you the protection you deserve year after year.

Another benefit of using stainless steel is that it is compatible with all different types of fuels. Whether your appliance uses gas, wood, pellets, or oil, these liners will work for you. This makes it the ideal choice for someone who is considering changing fuel types in the years ahead. Give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and find a convenient time to get started!