The rainy days of spring are upon us, which means your chimney may be showing signs of distress. Water damage can take its toll on your masonry causing the brickwork and mortar to break down. If water is left within the masonry, that water can absorb into the bricks and go through the freeze/thaw cycle when temperatures cool down again. It is a good idea to invest in annual chimney inspection to keep up with the condition of your chimney.

If you are experiencing leaks or if you are looking to invest in preventative maintenance so water damage does not become an issue, then rely on our team. At Chim Chimney Sweep, we can handle any chimney maintenance you need. We would like to tell you more about some of the vulnerable parts of your chimney and ways you can protect them from water intrusion.

Rebuilding Your Crown

masonry chimney Your chimney crown sits at the top of your structure. It has a slanted design to help keep rainwater from sliding down the sides of your masonry chimney to cause damage. Unfortunately, we often discover that most chimney crown were made from improper materials, which cause them to break down. With three and a half decades of experience, we can restore or rebuild your crown. You can count on our certified team!

Replacing Your Chimney Cap

Along with keeping your system free from leaks, chimney caps also help block out debris and animals while preventing downdrafts and serve as spark arrestors. Having a chimney cap brings lots of benefits, and it is an inexpensive investment that is worthwhile for every homeowner. If your chimney cap is in a bad shape, ask our team to install a new one. Don’t subject your chimney to costly damages when affordable preventative maintenance is just a phone call away. We are eager to help!

Fixing Your Flashing & Waterproofing

Do you know those sheets of metal protecting the vulnerable area where your roof meets the chimney? This is the flashing.  Animals like tampering, while harsh winds, bad weather, and more can cause it to dent, rust, or bend. Fortunately, our team can repair or replace it for you.

Finally, you should invest in waterproofing from our qualified team to ensure you are getting the protection you need to tackle the rainy season. We use products that safeguard your brickwork and masonry, while allowing your system to breath.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to the functionality and efficiency of your fireplace and chimney. A better-running system gives your household peace, protection, and endless nights of warmth. Schedule an appointment with our team today!