Are you worried about water damages with your chimney this holiday season? When it comes to rain, snow, and excess moisture, it’s important to be aware of the potential threats to the structural integrity of your system. Even a minor leak can trigger lots of damage, making your fireplace unsafe for use. Fortunately for folks in and around Framingham, the team at Chim Chimney Sweep is here to help!

Signs Of A Chimney Leak

water and rainbowIt’s important to know what to look for when it comes to a leaky chimney. Keep in mind some of the following signs when you suspect a leak. No matter what issues you come across, we can help you. Our team of chimney professionals have solutions for all of your chimney issues!

One sign of a leaky chimney is crumbling and decaying brickwork and mortar. Your masonry is very porous, meaning it can absorb water easily. As this occurs, the water breaks down your system. When this happens, it creates holes and cracks, which make your system less efficient. You also won’t get proper airflow, which is vital when lighting fires. In addition, you’ll become more susceptible to house fires and gas leaks too.

Keep An Eye Out for The Metal Parts Too

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the metal chimney components of your chimney. If the flashing is rusted, then excess water is likely the culprit! Flashing works hard to help keep water out of your system, but if other defenses are down, then it could start to rust and leave you vulnerable to leaks. The damper is another component that could easily rust, causing issues with airflow.

Have you recently spotted water stains in your home? That’s another sign that leaks are present in your fireplace, as it tends to rot through your adjacent woodwork. Finally, keep an eye out for clogs inside your chimney system, as they are more likely to occur when water is present. All of these issues are bad, and they often lead to bigger problems when not addressed in a timely manner. Call us in now, and we’ll handle it all quickly!

Avoid Disaster This Holiday Season

Putting off regular maintenance and repairs can lead to dangerous problems, and we know you don’t want to stress about the safety of your loved ones this Christmas and New Years. Leaks lead to clogs and poor airflow, which then also triggers an increase of creosote accumulation. Excess creosote leads to chimney fires, which then can put you and your home at risk! Clogs and cracks on your chimney also increase the likelihood of carbon monoxide entering your home. Carbon monoxide is dangerous and hard to detect, so minimizing any risk of exposure is a priority.

Ready to put your mind at ease? Give Chim Chimney a call. We’re ready and eager to help you out this winter!