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The Threats Of Leaks & Excess Moisture

First of all, let’s get educated on how damaging leaks, water, and excess moisture can be to your chimney’s structure. Your brickwork and mortar is extremely absorbent, and it won’t take long for rain, snow, and sleet to work their way in and start wreaking havoc. Soon, you’ll be e17xperiencing all kinds of gaps, cracks, holes, and decay, all of which make your fireplace really unsafe for use.

All of these openings create easy pathways for smoke, flames, and poisonous gases to enter your home. No family should live in fear when lighting fires throughout the holidays. Invest in waterproofing services now for the peace of mind you deserve in the months ahead.

All About The Freeze/Thaw Process

Another big problem homeowners with water in their chimney tend to face is the freeze/thaw process. This is especially common here in Framingham, Worcester, Lexington, and all of their surrounding cities where temperatures are known to drop below freezing multiple times a winter.

So, what is it exactly? Well, when it gets really cold in a couple of months here, the water that your brickwork has already absorbed will freeze and expand. As you can imagine, this doesn’t do your structure any favors. In fact, it puts a lot of extra pressure on your chimney and, as the water thaws and freezes again and again multiple times throughout the season, your system will only continue to suffer.

Waterproofing helps to avoid this problem by stopping water before it can enter your masonry and do any damage. This is an instance where investing in affordable maintenance early on is well worth it!

Why Professional Waterproofing Is The Way To Go

Many homeowners realize the importance of protecting their brickwork, but find themselves wondering if cheaper alternatives are the better route. Some consider painting their chimney, while others attempt to do the job themselves with store-bought sealers. While we see the thought process behind this money-saving “hack,” this really isn’t a practice we recommend.

Why? Because cheap sealers and paints aren’t vapor-permeable, which is a necessary component of waterproofing agents. Yes, these products stop moisture from getting into your masonry, but they also block any pre-absorbed moisture from getting out. If your system has already soaked in some water, it will continue to break down, leaving you in the same predicament you were in before. In the end, your structure will continue to suffer, and you’ll eventually need to invest in some expensive repair work – not worth it.

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