Looking to protect your masonry from spring showers? A chimney can experience water damages in a hurry, and this can cause all kinds of dangers such as a gas leak or a fire. At Chim Chimney Sweep, we can help you avoid costly services down the road and dangerous situations by providing affordable waterproofing service.

The Damage Water Can Do

rainbow outside a windowWhy exactly is waterproofing so important? Bricks are tough and durable, and many people tend to underestimate the effects of water can cause. Masonry that does not have a protective coating is very vulnerable to water damage, and it will quickly absorb water.

Once the water gets inside your masonry, it will not take long for the structure to start deteriorating. Eventually, mold can form and metal components rust. Your system will be more susceptible to clogging and airflow issues, as well. The longer you let things go, the worse your system will be. Investing in preventative maintenance from the very start is the best option.

The Importance Of Vapor Permeability

Many homeowners try the do-it-yourself approach by investing in paints or store-bought sealers themselves. However, we do not recommend doing this. First of all, you want to be certain to have a full-proof seal that covers every inch of your brickwork. If water gets in just one area of your chimney, you will wind up with a lot of problems.

Secondly, most of the products you buy off the shelf are not vapor permeable. This means that they may keep water out of your masonry, but any pre-absorbed moisture will not be able to escape out of your chimney system, which is not good for masonry at all. It can cause major damage down the line, as water sit inside your brickwork and mortar and continue to break down your chimney structure.

We strive to offer our customers the best – ChimneySaver. This product seals and protects, without altering the look of your masonry. It is completely breathable, so nothing gets trapped inside, either.

Work With Us Today

When it comes to keeping your chimney safe and looking great year after year, it is important to trust a qualified team of professionals. The team at Chim Chimney Sweep is certified and eager to tackle any of your problems. We can address repairs of all sorts and creosote buildup. We also provide preventative maintenance to ensure your chimney is efficient too!

If you want to do more to protect your chimney against water, ask us about our flashing services, chimney caps and crown repair services. Our team is eager to help!