Did you know that your chimney isn’t the only thing in your home that should be relined? Both your water heater and your furnace have flues that may need to be modified too. Fortunately, the team here at Chim Chimney Sweep is qualified to help you out. Our professional crew will ensure you are set up with everything you need to live more comfortably.

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About Your Water Heater Fluebrick wall with furnace

A hot water heater produces fumes that need to be vented out of your home to avoid carbon monoxide exposure. Keep your appliances working safely and efficiently with properly lining and installations. This also means the flue needs to remain free of clogs and buildup.

If you have an old flue combined with a newer, more modern water heater, there is a good chance you will experience issues. Have our team take a look, so you don’t face any surprises down the line.

About Your Furnace Flue

A lot of dangerous byproducts escape your furnace as it works to heat your house, so ensuring these gases have a clear pathway out of your home is a must. If your furnace flue is facing leaks or if it is incompatible with your current model of furnace, you will run into some potentially dangerous issues in a hurry.

Working with a professional to ensure you are set up right and safe to put your furnace to use will give you the peace of mind you deserve throughout the colder months. Our team can assist you every step of the way.

The Dangers Of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and extremely harmful to one’s health. Those with weakened immune systems are especially at risk, and if exposure is not promptly treated, this gas can be deadly. We strongly urge homeowners to invest in regular inspections for their gas appliances and to have carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout their home to keep their family as safe as possible.

We Set High Standards

The team at Chim Chimney sets high standards for ourselves because we know that this only makes us better. When it comes to chimney care throughout Middlesex County, we feel that our customers deserve the best, which is why we never stop pushing ourselves to learn more. When you choose us you get quality care with quality products guaranteed.

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