Feeling concerned about the health of your chimney? Many find themselves putting chimney and fireplace care on the back burner as we move in sunnier days and warmer months, but this is not a good idea. In fact, now is often the perfect time to get that inspection on the books, as well as address any repairs or creosote buildup.

Why is springtime a great time to work with the Chim Chimney Sweep team? Learn more below, then count on us to set you up right today. We look forward to getting your call!

Avoiding Bad Odorschimney sweep on roof next to chimney

One issue that many fireplace owners experience is bad smells swooping through their chimney throughout the humid summer months. Once you start cranking that air conditioning, all of the smells from your built up creosote will start flowing into your living space, creating a very unpleasant aesthetic for anyone in the home.

A good chimney sweeping will help to alleviate the problem, as will figuring out ways around any negative pressure problems in the home. A qualified sweep can help you through these issues and get you back to where you need to be well before fall and cooler temperatures come back around.

Addressing Repairs

As you may be able to guess, most chimney companies experience a huge increase in business throughout the fall and winter months, then notice a bit of a decline during spring and summer. Because of this, spring and summer is the perfect time of year for addressing repairs. Not only are you not using your system, but our sweeps schedule is a lot more open. We will have ample time to address it all, ensuring you aren’t stuck with a malfunctioning fireplace when the holidays come back around.

Along with this, summertime often offers the ideal weather when it comes to curing materials and providing you with those long-lasting results you are hoping for. To top it off, our sweeps will stay safer because your roofing materials will not be snowy and icy. It is a win all around, so set something up with our team today.

Heightening Convenience

Scheduling maintenance of any kind can be a hassle, and when you cannot seem to find an appointment time that works well for your schedule, the situation can get frustrating in a hurry. When we get busier during the cooler months, guaranteeing convenient time frames for all of our customers can become a bit of a challenge. We do our best to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but sometimes it is just not possible.

Right now our books are more open due to the warm weather, so finding a time that works well for you should not be an issue. If your schedule is always jam-packed scheduling in spring will definitely be your better option.

Don’t Neglect Yearly Inspections

When it comes right down to it, annual inspections are a must for safer and more efficient fireplace functioning. Get the care you deserve today by depending on our team. We are eager to serve you soon.