It’s that time of year – leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping, and homeowners everywhere are gearing up for the upcoming holiday season. For many, this means putting their fireplace to use! If you are due for a cleaning, then investing in reliable care is a must. A dirty chimney can increase your risk of experiencing a chimney fire significantly, and it will trigger all kinds of inefficiency, as well. This definitely isn’t a job you want to take on yourself []!

Not sure where to start? Let us help. The team at Chim Chimney Sweep has got your back!

Hire A Certified Professionalfall leaves on roof with chimneys in the background

First things first, make sure the company you hire staffs certified chimney sweeps. A team that has undergone the effort of becoming trained and certified will provide you with more reliable and in-depth care.

Along with being Certified Chimney Professionals, our crew is MA-licensed and -insured contractors, and we are members of the MA Chimney Sweep Guild, as well. To top it off, we hold certifications with OSHA and we are Fall Prevention certified, too. When it comes to being knowledgeable and qualified, we strive to exceed your expectations!

Call Early!

Scheduling as early as possible is always recommended when it comes to chimney and fireplace maintenance. Why? Well, once the weather starts to cool off, our sweeps get really busy! Our appointment books fill up in a hurry, and many homeowners find themselves waiting weeks for care. This means putting off the start of your burning season indefinitely, which is less than ideal.

If you call right away, our team should be able to get you in fairly quickly, and it will be a lot easier to find a time that works well with your calendar. When you’re cozied up in front of a crackling flame this autumn, this is one task you’ll be happy you crossed off of your to-do list early!

Clear Furniture & Breakable Decor

Here at Chim Chimney, we pride ourselves on treating your home with care and respect. We lay down drop cloths to prevent your carpet and furniture from getting ruined, and we use high-powered vacuums to capture the ash and soot that gets cleared from your flue. When you hire our team, you won’t need to stress about a mess!

That being said, it’s always a good idea to clear furniture away from the fireplace and to remove any decor from the mantle before your sweeps arrive. This way, your belongings are sure to stay as safe as possible, and it makes our job go smoother, too.

We Can Help With It All

Cleanings are an essential part of chimney care, but repairs, inspections, and replacement parts are often necessary, as well. No matter what you need to get your system in tip-top shape for the months ahead, we are certain we can help you out. Reach out today, and our team will be happy to answer any questions. We are eager to provide the satisfaction you deserve!